Reflection Paper

Decent Essays

English is a class that I have always taken lightly. Up until this class, I always had thought that I was a good writer. Papers were pretty easy for me and I never put that much effort and still got the grade that I wanted. When I came into this class however, that all changed. This class has taught me so much and has really developed my writing. I have learned many new writing styles and techniques, and I became familiar with new genres. Looking back at previous years, I now realize that I was a decent writer. But after taking this semester writing class, I can now say that I am a good writer with many new skills. College Composition has shaped me into a better writer, student, and thinker. Over time each paper became easier to write and I achieved better grades.
Something I now know about myself is that I much prefer writing research essays than works of fiction or personal stories. I think personal essays such as the literacy narrative are very hard to write. For my literacy narrative, I had to exaggerate the story a little in order to make it more interesting and give it dialogue, and that just is not enjoyable. It’s much more easy fun to solve a problem, make a statement, or write an argument with a paper. This could be part of the reason I enjoyed writing and got better grades on my later papers rather than my first one - but to be fair I have definitely improved since the start of the semester.
Over time I became more and more confident with my writing, even with

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