Reflection of an Interview on Public Opinion of US National Security

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My main desire in conducting this interview was to gauge public opinion regarding the United States’ national security, especially with respect to the surveillance of civilians. Reflecting on the interview, it was informative to extent, but some difficulties resulted on my part due to a lack of clarity going into the interview. Having a more concise preamble would have been beneficial when better determining a common theme for my questions. Overall though, the interview helped me to understand one individuals opinion of the US’ national security practices as well as give insight into the thought process one goes through while formulating answers to interview questions.
The protocol created was primarily based on trying to gauge the interviewee’s genuine (and not contrived) opinion. This was done by trying to eradicate any biases in the questions and asking specific questions as opposed to open-ended questions. I attempted to eradicate any biases by neutralizing questions as much as possible. This was, when possible, done by not adding negative or positive adjectives about the topics presented in the questions. That being said, looking back at the questions I asked I can identify certain ones that may have unintentionally elicited a particular response. For example, I asked: “…should the federal government adopt more transparent practices in regard to the surveillance of citizens?” This question poses, for the first time in the conversation, the idea of transparency within…