Reflective Essay On Academic Writing

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Academic Writing:
Right before I came to college my high school AP English teacher introduced a new way to write papers, and book analyses. With his method for writing a book analysis, we were required to find 3 quotes within the text that supported our thesis statement. So, in those body paragraphs they had to have a specific format in which we wrote them, it went as follows: introduce the quote, cite the quote and use the quote, and then explain why the quote related to the thesis and what does the quote mean. As the teacher graded the assignments he looked for a unique thesis that we created on our own and that we formed our body paragraphs in the style that I mentioned in the previous sentence. The only problem I had with that form was creating a creative thesis because we didn’t have a set prompt to write about. The essays were purely created off of our thought processes and we were expected to come up with our own thesis and then support it in the rest of the paper. With a set way on how to write our essays for that class, it made the writing easy. The writing didn’t become much of hassle with time, but you couldn’t wait until the last minute to write, because of the originality of the piece you had to write. I think the method I was taught could potentially help me in college, but I think I could have been prepared better for a college level English class.
Public Writing:
As I look for books to read, I prefer to read mystery books or books about fictional serial

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