Reflective Essay On Becoming An Officer

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Center about 10 years old I have had an idea what I’m going to be when I grow up although throughout those years may have a ball a little starting with the fashion designer with seeing you then a international spy, but she said finally Sonneborn series, and the artist that I got real sedentary historian or professor, and still find I decided I wanted to do something to where I can serve my country but because I’m only 105 pounds and quite frankly if I did decide to do the most inconceivable2 become an officer when they involuntary my family my Aldine over dead from a heart attack so I opted for helping the people that have served our country and I went to with the psychological and along with the rehabilitation of those that have been injured and/or are you have served. Following this will create your own I had a evenings it cannot be the same thing over and over on the and day out, I don’t want to hear about the ones psychological issues 24 seven either I got enough my own, and I want to work towards getting people …show more content…

The first test it took was the Eureka true colors test in my results came back with dual blue and orange as an ironically one of things that came up to match because that is Occupational Therapy and to see one of our tasks that we had you for homework I looked at all the other options in this area I looked at psychiatric nurse, kindergarten teacher(hold on a second kind and last year), and so on. In some it quickly brought me to the conclusion that the only thing out of all of them that met up with both my blue and orange needs meaning I need to help others my extreme dislike for any how do I put the simply authority figures rather be hands-on then not constantly moving and being measured by others all these things be and many more would be filled through this career. We also took another test called quote my next move after getting the

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