Reflective Essay On Religion

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Since the beginning, I always remembered being dragged to church. My egotistical six year old self thought that I was too young to be going to church. I was that type of child who would make up any excuse as to why I absolutely, positively could not go to church that day. Whether it was because I had come down with Ebola that day or that I needed to stay home or the cat would run away, my mother always forced me to go. This wasn’t because I didn’t believe in Him, but what kid wants to sit through an hour long presentation that had no visual aid or really any idea on what the pastor was saying? I sure didn’t. My grandparents are the stereotypical “strict” religious people that you hear about in the movies or television shows. Whenever I stayed with them, we would pray before each meal, read the bible and the devotional, and say a prayer before bed. If me and my siblings would get into a fight, we would always get lectured on the ten commandments - and the possible fact that if we keep fighting, we would not be let into Heaven. And if we dare wore jeans to church? That was the ultimate sin. Although I disagree with what their beliefs, they are of course family. In my family system, it was either follow what they believe in or change your last name. What they believed in is what a conceived idea of what being a Christian means - being perfect in every way and what the Bible says is wrong - is wrong. However, Such as the part of condemning homosexuality? That is something

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