Reflective Reflection On Reflections

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Reflections Thunder crashed all around making the ground shake. I was running late as usual, but this time I was not sure what I was late for. The ground was uneven as I ran to my destination; whether that was home or work I can not quite remember. Consequently, I just knew I needed to arrive there and quickly. Thunder boomed again, but this time it was different. Ahead a flash of lightning struck, blinding me, causing my eyes to close for a split second, then I felt a breath of air tickle my neck. I shut my eyes tight, terrified to turn around as goose bumps crawled up my arms. Nevertheless, I turned around slowly opening my eyes, but there was only darkness surrounding me. Gasping, I turned and sprinted the trees rushed past as I …show more content…

Looking around for any sign of life, the floor creaking with step I took, I came to a black and white striped door with no apparent way to enter. “Is anyone there?” I called hoping I would not receive an answer. Slowly the door opened with a sigh and light beamed from the inside. Objects started to move rapidly as the door spun out of control. I fell to my knees, overcome with fatigue and dizziness. When it passed a new door stood in front of me though this time it was as tall as a toddler. Curious, I made myself as tiny as I could wondering if I could fit. One arm made it through the door when suddenly the sound of a chainsaw echoed throughout the hall. Too late I realized it was coming from the door. A scream of agony escaped my mouth as the chainsaw penetrated my skin and slowly sawed my arm in half. “Stop! Please make it stop!” I could not handle it any longer as the pain shot up my whole body. Then, with a loud clunk my arm landed on the floor next to me. The pain from my arm numbed me to the bone, tears streamed down my face finally turning into a waterfall of tears. “Hmm. Melody, I like the taste of that name,” a silky voiced resonated around me. Twisting my head in the direction of the voice I looked for the source but was unable to find one. “W-w-who are you?” I wailed. “Nobody of importance my dear.” Pain still coursing through me, I delicately rose from

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