Reflective Writing And Reflective Writing : Facing My Challenges

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Reflective Writing:
Facing My Challenges
As I came to English 45, I thought it was going to be a tough class, because it's an accelerated class. An accelerated class tends to be a fast-past class that covers 2 classes in one. When I got to English 45 I assumed that it wouldn’t be tough, although the results were opposites, English 45 gave me many challenged to face throughout the whole semester. Throughout this semester English 45 has thought me many different techniques to improve my English and writing. Ever since the first day, I felt confident about everything, although my confidence wasn’t always right because I learned that the grading and essay structure is different. When I got back the first essay that we did, I saw the challenges that I would be facing throughout the semester, because of each teacher/professor grades differently.
Ater learning what a professor expects on a paper, still left me with doubts about writing a perfect paper, because writing an essay can be written is many different ways. One challenged that occurred to me throughout the semester, was not being able to write at least a four-page essay. As well as not knowing the structure, or how a paper is formatted, was also a challenge to me because that was one of the main things a professor looks at in college. The main challenge that I faced throughout the whole semester was grammar and checking is the whole essay is well written. Grammar was one of the main issued that I faced through this

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