Reform Of Action : Federalists Vs Democratic Republican

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Plan of Action: Federalists vs Democratic-Republican
From 1789 to 1816, the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans approached many problems differently, sometimes however, they had the same solutions to problems which were posed by England and the Native Americans. The Federalists and Democratic-Republicans both had different and sometimes similar viewpoints on how to solve the problems they faced during this particular time period. Federalists supported a strong, huge government that had a loose constriction of the constitution. They also supported the National Bank, exercise tax. Also, they thought tariffs should be high, and they believed in an industrial world filled with huge businesses and mass production of goods. However, the Democratic- Republicans wanted a more agrarian culture. They did not want a huge government, National bank, excise taxes, and they wanted the tariffs to be low. Some difficulties that the two parties faced were that the British created were impressments of sailors, assisting the Native Americans in war against the United States, and the Orders in Council of 1805. The Native Americans also generated problems for America because they resisted land expansion. Because of their standards and beliefs, this shows how the two parties faced these particular problems that were caused by Britain and the Native Americans. Therefore, the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans solved problems differently, but sometimes they had the same idea to work together…
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