Regulation Fair Disclosure

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Summary In this research paper the authors want to express their thoughts by stating that how to them earnings reporting pertains to the discovery of information that has not been disclosed by either people or other types of sources and focus towards the negative in this study. In my opinion, the title of the paper itself could have had a different title only because throughout the paper it analyzes negative or bad news rather than really paying attention to both perspectives. Also the paper captures the information or news that occurs by using a three day window in which Quarterly Earnings Announcement (QEA) take place and compares it to a period where it does not take place. Furthermore, in this paper there are three hypotheses that arise …show more content…

My recommendation would be to sample years that are passed 2002 and on to get a more accurate result for the study. I felt like there was so much going on with testing before and after the events took into effect. Even though it was a good size of sample and enough quarters from where to gather information from the time frame plays an important role. The Regulation Fair Disclosure that took place in October 23, 2000 made a great impact towards the way information was not allowed to be disclosed. I feel that it took an effect on the results since the information was gathered that year and was dealing with information asymmetry. In Li, Ha and Nabar (2014) they conclude that there is a difference that exists between pre and post regulation fair disclosure. The authors mention how the stock prices after the fact were more precise in relation to stock splits than before regulation fair disclosure took place. Also, with Sarbanes Oxley Act taking effect in 2002 could also have more managers disclosing information more voluntarily than before it took effect. In Aftermath (2015) he states that SOX arose because of the number of scandals that had taken place. So, with this said it shows how the disclosing of information is important and now that it is implemented will help in lowering the risk of having unreliable information. On another note as for the equations that were used throughout the paper I find them quite interesting and understandable. As well as the variables that were used in the tables are clearly defined and the tables do provide evidence to sustain their

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