Reiki Holistic Therapy

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Alternative medicines are a healing practice that are not in the guidelines for conventional medicines. There are multiple alternative medicines, such as herbalism, reiki holistic therapy, and aromatherapy. Herbalism is a practice that uses plants and plant extracts. Reiki holistic therapy is a practice that is spiritual. Aromatherapy is the extracted rich-scented oils from a certain plant. The natural ingredients, the cost effective, and the effectiveness of the medicine and length it takes for the medicine to be effective is what makes alternative medicines a great source of medicine. “Herbalism is a traditional medicinal and folk medicine practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts”. Phytotherapy, herbology, botanical medicine, medical herbalism, and herbal …show more content…

“Some herbalist say that roughly one month for every year of illness, plus two months is a good guideline”. Illnesses that are shorter and not so long term will be helped quicker, than long-term illnesses. Reiki holistic therapy is a “therapy that brings about healing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels”. Like meditation and yoga, reiki is a spiritual practice. The technique for reiki is called palm healing. There are classes that teach reiki which take hours, and there are different levels of reiki, level 1 is the beginner reiki healer, but there are many levels after level 1. As someone who has had reiki done to them, it is nice and peaceful, and the energy and the warmth radiating out of the reiki healer’s hands can be felt. The word reiki means “spiritually guided life force”. The natural ingredients are the use of hands, obviously hands are not chemical. Life energy, the energy from inside one’s self is already there, it was not processed or chemically made. During reiki there can be oils diffused in the air, which oils are naturally made by plants, and music may be playing softly in the

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