Relationship Between Africa And Africa

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Africa could have developed trade relations with any other country but why with Europe? During the fifteenth (15th) century Africa developed a very unique relationship with Europe¹. Before Africa and Europe established their trade relationship, the African 's economic status was way ahead of Europe 's.1 It was said that “The West African empire of Mali was larger than Western Europe and reputed to be one of the richest and most powerful states in the world.”2 Africa was known for its gold, which came from the West African Empire.
This was what sparked Europe’s interest in having a trade relationship with Africa. Africa had developed trading relationships with Asia and the Indian Ocean regions. Some of Europe countries (Britain, France and Portugal) began trading relationships with Africa and it was during this time that they developed relationships with some very experience local African leaders that brought about a fully populated trading population.3 Europe goal was to make great connections with the African so that they would be able to establish warehouses to be able to store their property, but also be able to prevent anyone else from trying to invade their stored goods. Once the Europeans setup shop in Africa they then maintained a relationship with some Portuguese merchants who called themselves “lancades” their role was to serve as the middlemen between the African and European traders.4 The goods that were imported from Africa were cloth, iron, copper
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