Relationship Between Employment, Health Coverage And Costs, And Access For Care And Health Outcomes

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In the United States, the economy is set up to explain the complex relationship between employment, health coverage and costs, and access to care and health outcomes. Economics a social science that explains how a society uses its resources and makes decisions. Economics analyzes the priority of certain choices in order to use the resources efficiently. In society there is cooperative decision-making done by consumers and suppliers focusing solely on price theories. For example, consumers and suppliers decide their exchange based on the price they pay or the price they will gain. So the decision for either group is solely based on price. A consumer will naturally buy more if the price is lower and if the consumer is buying more the …show more content…

Better health and the demand for healthcare are not the only reason behind incomplete wellness in society; there are other things that affect wellness. In order to describe health it must be done by its characteristics. So that is where economics comes in because it distinguishes between what is wanted and what is wanted with the willingness to pay for it. “Many people believe that what matters in health care is not wants or demands, but needs (Parkin, 2009).” When you evaluate someone’s healthcare quality you are looking at the outcome; or how the person benefited from the healthcare that caused some kind of change to his or her health. There are three (3) factors that determine demand. The first factor is wealth. If people can afford healthcare, costs will not be an issue with seeking healthcare. “In most cases, when economic constraints are placed on consumers, demand falls (Drouin et al, 2008).” The second factor is social norms. “The evidence suggests that the people around any given individual shape his or her expectations (Drouin et al, 2008).” For example, if I interact with people who overeat, I will probably overeat as well. Those social norms will also alter my expectation of health causing the same illnesses/diseases of the influencer to be present in me. “Social norms dictate the frequency with which people consume health care products and services (Drouin et al,

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