Relationship Between Europeans And Native Americans

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The picture that one detects when thinking of the relationship between Native Americans and Europeans is depicted by circumstances that eventually shaped the New World. It is hard to imagine how different the world would be if today's society still used ancient indian traditions. A certain study indicated that the swamps where the indians lived in the Chesapeake were full of casualties. It was filled with disease and a vast variety of illnesses. With the high risk for disease it forced the Europeans to adjust several social forms that were being brought over from England. Alienated from the remainder of the world, the indians did not have a strong enough immune system to defend the diseases. This epidemic caused major dissolution in the not only the villages, but also within the European immigrants and african slaves.With the loss of older natives, this also meant loss of their heritage. Centuries of traditions, talents, and artistry were strayed. The sickness cause many of the elders to perish at once, meaning many of the traditions died along with them. Many Indians never even saw the face of a white or black man. As a result of the deaths, it is hard to imagine what traditions we might have carried on still to this day if so many had not perished. Although the Indians had many admirable talents, the Europeans respect for the natives was microscopic. Europeans from different parts of the world had conflicting viewpoints of how Indians should be treated. In the, “Native

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