Relationship Between Mothers and Daughters in Toni Morrison's Recitatif

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PS 20th century American Family in Fiction Summer 2012 Professor Tara E. Friedman

Relationship between mothers and daughters in Toni Morrison's “Recitatif“

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1.1 The author – Toni Morrison 2. 3. Introducing “Recitatif“ Relationship between mothers and daughters

3.1 Relationship between Twyla and her mother 3.2 Relationship between Roberta and her mother 3.3 Role of Maggie 4. Conclusion


1. Introduction Although Toni Morrison is best known for African – American literature, I do not want to put all my focus on this topic. The short story “Recitatif” contents many issues
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Even nowadays they have a stable relationship (Li 6). Needless to say that after growing up in a stable and big family, Toni Morrison started her own family. In 1958 she married Harold Morrison from Jamaica and in 1961 her first son, Harold Ford, was born. In summer 1964 the family took a trip to Europe, but Chloe Morrison returned alone with her three – year2

old son and got divorced shortly after. Till today she does not want to tell detailed reasons why the relationship did not last. Temporarily she returned to her family in Lorain, where her second son, Slade Kevin, was born (Tewarson 37). She always took her role as a mother very seriously and tried to raise her two sons to become independent and sensitive human beings. She passed care and emotional support, which she got from her own family, to their children. Writing, working and child caring were not always easy, but she had to get used to the fact that she could only write in small pieces. Consequently she developed a huge power to concentrate (Tewarson 49). Surprisingly she found her role as a mother liberating, because her children asked for other things than “others”. For example managing things and showing a good sense of humor. “The person that was in me that I liked best was the one my children seemed to want.”(Taylor-Guthrie 270). After presenting the background of her family I would like to go on with highlighting Toni Morrison's educational development and career. When Chloe Wofford
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