Relationship Between The Relationship In Pirates Of The Caribbean

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An important relationship that is shown in the visual text Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), directed by Gore Verbinski was between two main characters, Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. Their relationship was one of the most important in the film as it shows us how these two characters have changed their perspectives of the world and most importantly, towards each other. There are several examples of how their relationship changes throughout. At the beginning of the film, Jack considers Will as a lame commoner and Will was quite stereotypical about Jack being a 'pirate'. Their animosity and hatred were quite mutual given their respective backgrounds. As the movie progresses, this relationship is more about one’s own benefits. They realise and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses well and use each other selfishly. Towards the end, this selfish attitude matures into friendship. At the beginning of the film, Jack and Will had completely different opinions about each other. Jack Sparrow, a clever, cunning and calculated man saw Will as a lay man and would find it hard to believe that they would become friends. Pirates in those days or even today are considered hard core criminals. Will being raised as a common man, irrespective of his past also think the same. The Black Pearl being at the pinnacle of evilness people consider the pirates on that ship to be the worst of mankind. The slightest hint that Jack Sparrow is associated with the

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