Religion : Abrahamic Religions And Violence

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Jacob Hane
Ms. Houle
English 9H-3
May 7th 2015
Abrahamic Religions and Violence On, February 25, 1994, an armed Israelite, Baruch Goldstein, entered into a mosque in Hebron and open fired into a group of Muslims during their holy month of Ramadan. Goldstein, baring a Galil assault rifle and training from the Israeli army, killed twenty-nine muslims and wounded countless others (Wiles). His actions later inspired riots throughout the streets of Hebron, which resulted in approximately sixty deaths, and about 250 injuries. Goldstein was a Jew, and claimed his actions were inspired from the Torah (Wiles). This is not the only time religion has been used to justify the killing of innocent people. In fact millions have died in the name of religion, either as martyrs or victims of these horrendous crimes; but alas, religion is not the culprit of this otherwise unjustifiable action. Universal religious violence between Abrahamic religions runs rampant, as both it has historically been an issue and is still an issue today; yet the cause of this theological destruction is not based upon holy scripture, rather the violence is motivated by desire for political gain and control. Abrahamic religions are those founded on the beliefs and ideology of Abraham, the biblical patriarch. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the major religions in this monotheistic category, as all hold Abraham and his successors in high regard (Rosenberg). The three religions are very similar, yet they still…
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