Religious Beliefs In The Elizabethan Era

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The year was 1567 and Queen Elizabeth has ruled over England for eight years. People crowded the narrow, cobbled streets of London. Some navigated cows through masses of people, as horses clomped noisily across the streets. Small cottages made of wood lined the winding streets and alleyways. Fragile bowls of cream meant to appease faeries were laid out on the doorsteps of these homes. Children ran through the crowds of people and came to a halt, screeching in fright, as a black cat rushed past them towards the bowl of cream.. In the distance, screams of terror filled the air. An old woman begged for mercy as commoners and soldiers laughed at her, yelling “Witch, witch, witch!” while leading her to the gallows and Death’s welcoming arms. As shown through this example, the Elizabethan Era was brimming with superstitions, magic, and folklore. After further research, it can be found that these beliefs were influenced by multiple religions, that opinions about sorcery were strongly influenced by Christianity, and that these beliefs continue to influence future generations.
Religion played a major role in the formation of Elizabethan folklore. Most people during this time were either Catholic or Protestant, and sometimes their churches took advantage of them. For example, many Elizabethans believed that ghosts of the dead would haunt the earth until they got what they wanted. The Church fostered these beliefs, and told their worshipers that ghosts were the devil incarnate. This

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