Religious Discrimination in Modern Society

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Religious discrimination There is a serious issue under debate that threatens the freedom of every individual to dress the way that they want, the freedom of expression and the right to practise their religion. We are currently living in a society where basic human rights are violated, and bigots are allowed to dictate what women are allowed to wear and how they should follow their religion. Laws and policies have been passed in countries such as France, banning people from practising their faith in public. It is now illegal to distinguish yourself as a follower of a religion in schools or other various agencies. Where it is not illegal, it is still detested and many people face discrimination and racial prejudice. Many people are …show more content…

Not only is he dictating what they should wear, but also how they should wear it-even the colours they choose to wear it in! This is absolutely ridiculous. Stopping the students from wearing dark colours, black for example is presumably because they are perceived to symbolise terrorism. Individual cases where girls have refused to remove the headscarves have been deemed as a serious breach of the law and the reason behind it-terrorism. The girls are seen as terrorists and

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