`` Remainders `` By Shana Myra

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Changes The short story “Remainders” by Shana Myra is about a Jewish-Canadian woman who finds love in Israel with a man named Ben. They start a family, which results in Naomi’s priorities changing, an example of what happens to many women when they become mothers. The first example that highlights these changes is the landing of the rocket in the backyard: Naomi reacts childishly at first, but, after the birth of her daughter, she realizes the danger the rocket posed. A second example, is how Naomi is careless towards a Palestinian man, but after the birth of Sarah, she is much more cautious. The final example reveals that Naomi’s daughter comes before Ben, as seen when Naomi and Sarah moving back to Canada. Therefore, Naomi’s priorities change, as seen in her reaction to the rocket, her encounter with a Palestinian man, and her moving back to Canada.
Naomi’s change in priorities is shown through her view of the rocket. The story opens with rocket landing in the backyard. Naomi is not alarmed by it, or by its loud thud. She has three reactions: first she “[chokes] back excited laughter” instead of reacting in fear. Then instead of calling for help, she “almost point[s] and clap[s]. Her final reaction, saying, “look at that” (23), is an example of her acting childishly and not as a responsible adult should. On the other, Naomi’s perspective of the rocket changes due to motherhood: she becomes protective of her family. She imagines what her families future will

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