Remember The Titans Comparison

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Narratives written during different times and across varying places have influenced society’s values, attitudes and beliefs. harper lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird and the film Remember The Titans based on the events of the 1970s, contain similar themes which can be explored despite their contrasting times and places. in this essay there is going to be some comparison between the novel and the film. also there will be some similarities between the both.

Between and during the 1930s and the 1970s there was racism. The black people had to go to different schools and go on different buses then the white people. Black people were to live on on the outside of town and white men could live in town. The black people weren’t allowed to go to the pubs …show more content…

Some of the differences are that in the novel even though that Tom Robinson(black person) wasn’t guilty the jury (white people) still accused him of raping a white woman even though they had no proof that he did. Being African-American in Alabama within the Thirties wasn't straightforward. though President President Lincoln had created AN liberation Proclamation liberating all African-American slaves in 1863, throughout the yank war, it had been not till 1865 that it was enforced in several of the Southern States. So in 1930 African-Americans had solely been free voters for cardinal years. racism and prejudice were still common in Alabama. Right up till the Nineteen Sixties there was a policy of segregation, that meant separate facilities, like colleges, bogs and restaurants, for Whites and African-Americans. Alabama, and plenty of different yank states, had specific 'Jim Crow' laws to enforce segregation. There was conjointly a widespread belief amongst Whites that African-American men were sexual predators and were a threat to White girls. several White men did digest Black girls however it had been thought to be immoral for a Negro to measure with a white person. an outsized majority of White race believed that African-Americans were inferior voters and treated them that

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