Representation of Death through Texts

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A universal fascination with death is not something newly discovered; in fact there is scarcely any other matter upon which our thoughts and feelings have changed so little over time . As humans we have the unique ability to be aware of our own mortality. This awareness means a preoccupation with death is never far from our minds, it only takes the opening of a newspaper to reveal how obsessed with death we are. However, whilst being an obsession, it is also simultaneously something that culture dictates as a forbidden subject. This conflict society creates about our feelings towards death is largely responsible for the popularity of gothic fiction. After all, life in gothic fiction never frees itself from the presence or threat of…show more content…
The conclusions within the dissertation should build and add to the research within this secondary text and shall avoid simply repeating its own conclusions. The chapters of the dissertation will be divided by text, causing them to be divided by representation, and they shall be ordered in chronological order. The divided chapters allow each text to be studied thoroughly and evenly whilst overall the dissertation can track the changes within the timeline. The divide also serves as a divide of representation, there are large overlaps within each texts exploration of death and so this structure allows these to be discusses without losing the overall purpose of the dissertation. The chapter titles will be set out as follows: Introduction Chapter one: Death and the Undead. Chapter two: Death and the Damned. Chapter three: Death and Disease Conclusion The first chapter, Death and the Undead, will focus on Shelley’s Frankenstein. This text has been chosen for its uniqueness in exploring death through creation. The fact the creature is created from corpses and yet is a living creature will be central to this chapter of the dissertation through an exploration of character and reader reactions to him. The dissertation will use the research in Bronthen’s ‘Over Her Dead Body’ and apply it to Frankenstein in order to relate the text to human reaction to the deceased body. Although building on some of Bronthen’s ideas about the representation of the corpse, the dissertation
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