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The Crucible Essay - Zoey Gregory

The choices that Mary made in the play “The Crucible” were all based on her desire to have a good reputation which led to her wanting to go back with God. Mary wanted to have a good reputation this desire ended up messing her up in the end. In the play, Mary fears she will be labled as a witch, so she urges Abigail tell the town the truth. Mary says that because she did not want to have her reputation tarnished. The Puritans were very religious people, (also known as the most aggressive christians ever. They basically followed a hitler-like, “do what I say or get out”) Mary did not want to be seen as one who “went” with the devil, if …show more content…

Although the Judge Hathorne and the court would have forgiven her, this mean’t nothing as she still had to deal with the punishments of her acting, and mental burden of partially being the reason John Proctor was executed, based on her very coached, allegation against him. Mary got screwed because of her desire to have a good reputation, because Mary went to the court, she was seen as a witch after Abigail’s oscar award winning act she pulled with the other girls on the court room floor. And in the end, she never had her reputation cleared, she as seen as a liar and also as an undercover witch. because of Abigail’s very persuasivepersuaive and fear-indicting threats. Because of this choice that was made by Mary, as cited in historical record, she was put in prison, that is not in the play but as The Crucible is loosely based off a real life occurence, the information comes from an account of what happened in the real world(which I am very DISGUSTED that the witch trails actually happened). Because of the choices Mary made in the play, “The Crucible” influenced on her spineless, desperate desire to have a good reputation she begged Abigail to tell the town the truth, went straight to the court and confessed for what she had done and also prayed God forgive her for her sins. While in the process, Mary ends up getting overwhelmed and being part of the reason John Procotor was killed, ended up blackening

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