Rescued From Their Invisibility : The Afro Puerto Ricans

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The articles “Rescued From Their Invisibility: The Afro-Puerto Ricans of Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century San Mateo de Cangrejos, Puerto Rico”, “Contested Mestizos, Alleged Mulattos: Racial Identity and Caste Hierarchy in Eighteenth Century Patzcuaro, Mexico”, “Slave Morality and Reproduction on Jesuit Haciendas in Colonial Peru”, and “Human Capital and Other Determinants of the Price Life Cycle of a Slave: Peru and La Plata in the Eighteenth Century” all deal with the topic of changes in populations and its effects on various societies. Analysis on this overall topic included, racial identity, experiences of slaves and runaways, and slave statistics. Even though these works help in learning more about the history, experiences and struggles of African populations in Latin America, they do not reveal the entire history. They only have scratched half of the surface, in what is a continuous pursuit by scholars to uncover more information. David Stark and Aaron Althouse focus on African experiences in Puerto Rico, primarily in Congrejos. Stark discussed how African runaway slaves made their way into various parts of Puerto Rico to be free. Unlike men, who were willing to risk their lives to travel to Congrejos, Puerto Rico, many women did not desire to go. Many of them were worried about “leaving behind or having to care for young children and/or aged kin” (Stark 567). Despite their worries, women still went, because of the poor diet and terrible treatment of their former

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