Research Images Taken From Mobile

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Figure 5.2: Clinical images taken from mobile (“Clinical images and the use of personal mobile devices’, n.d.). 6. Identity Theft Identity theft is an act of stealing and using another person’s identity in an unauthorized way and has become one of the most significant problems throughout the world today (Reynolds, 2015, Glossary). Nowadays, websites and Social media has become the best medium to share and upload the personal photos. This is good because the photo will remain on these platforms for longer period and can be revisited to see those photos at any time. However, there are security, safety and privacy risks associated with it (“Photos, videos and social media”, n.d.) Social Networks are the prime targets of the attackers because it contains huge number of user information as well as their photos. Attacker can use different technique like profile cloning in which they create a fake profile of someone and use it to get the information of others account, and social phishing i.e. attracting the user to the fake website that looks genuine and get their information to steal the identity of the user, which is termed as identity theft (Gunatilaka, 2011). Social Networks have added a new layers of complexity to define the computers and information privacy. In a Facebook, there is a facial recognition software that has a capacity to automatically identify a person in the uploaded photo, which is one of the major concern in terms of the privacy of the person (“Social
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