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Prison for Capone On November 24th 1931, Al Capone was sentenced to eleven years in federal prison. fined $50,000, charged $7,692 for court costs and $215,000 plus interest in back taxes. Some crimes Al Capone have been behind but never proven are:
•Bootlegging Gambling


•Head of organized crime ring

Al Capone has had run in's with the law before but because Al Capone is such a smart man who knew how to cover his tracks and hide in plain sight nothing could ever stick with the infamous crime boss.

Some information on Capone In Brooklyn New York, 1899 Alphonse Capone was born Aka "Al Capone". His mother a seamstress and father a barber, he was not wealthy as a child. Capone earned $60 million annually selling illegal liquor, which is what you could say the only goof thing Capone has done. In Chicago Capone meets another infamous mobster; Torrio. Because of the unreasonable enactment in 1920 of the 18th Amendment which is prohibiting the consumption and sale of alcohol Capone too his street knowledge to Torrio's operation in Chicago and started in bootlegging which was good for everyone sakes. Capone is said to have done this for moral reasons, Although the social aspect

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