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Alice Walker Essay In life, people care about their appearances and how they are seen in the eyes of others. Alice Walker cares about how the world portrays her looks and her personality. She is confident in her looks, but at the age of eight, she is involved in an “accident.” This “accident” alteres not only her eyesight but alters the way she sees herself. Because she believes no one finds her pretty anymore, she loses confidence within herself. Alice and I have a lot in common when it comes to this type of situation. I was once in a situation very similar, but it is involving my teeth. An injury to my jaw made my teeth shift, leading me to believe my smile is not as pretty as it once was. Eventually, Alice and I both discover the true beauty within our flaws and feel happy once again. Alice feels beautiful from a very young age.. She is full of herself and wants people to admire her. When she is eight, her life changes. One of her older brothers shoot her in the eye with his BB gun. This causes her go blind in her eye and causes the look of her eye to change. She no longer feels good about herself. She feels ugly and her ugly feelings causes her to fill with angry emotions.
At the age of 14, her older brother and his wife take Alice to the hospital to have the scar tissue and the cataract in her eye removed. She does feel better about herself but she did not feel the same as when she was younger. Alice doesn't feel as happy as she once did, but her emotions

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