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The car that I will be driving for the beginning of my driving years is a 2004 Toyota Corolla. The Corolla has a manual transmission and has a four cylinder engine. I have learned that a manual transmission car has gears from one to five, including a reverse setting. If you are parking with a manual, the driver must put it into gear and then set the parking brake. The key to the Corolla is able to lock and unlock the car. The car, however, does not have anti-lock brakes, so to stop the car fast, you have to ease down on it, or slamming on it will lock up your wheels. The parking brake is located on the center console, which will stop the back wheels from moving. Pulling back on the lever will set them, while pressing the button on top of the …show more content…

The battery is located to the driver’s side, and if it runs out, jumper cables are located in the trunk. You connect both positive by the red wire on each battery, and the black cable goes to the negative on the charged battery and then to any piece of solid metal on the car you are trying to jump. Our car uses SAE 5W-30 for our oil, and it needs to be changed every four months or 5,000 miles. The engine also consists of an air filter, which will keep dirt and dust from getting into the engine. The headlights can be controlled using the turn signal lever and can be turned at the top to activate them. To the left of the driver’s seat, there is a trunk release on the floor and a fuel tank cap release that will pop the fuel cap on the driver’s side of the car. The HVAC system can be controlled using the center console, located next to the hazard flashers. When driving, you have to be careful if you are small, because in this car, there is now height adjustment. I have also learned that you have to be ten inches from the steering wheel and how to actually set the BGE settings on your mirror using the panel to the left side of the wheel. The driver has to lean towards their window and set the mirror to where they can barely see the car, and then do the same to the other side with your head leaned over to the center console. Each car has to get a state inspection every year, costing sixteen dollars. There are twenty-two thing they need to check for this car, and it is listed on the pink slip in the glove compartment in front of the

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