Research Paper On Cosmetic Dentistry

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The main aim of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of your smile. Several cosmetic dental procedures can change the color, position, size and shape of your teeth to give you an attractive set of teeth that look beautiful when you smile. If you have avoided smiling because of the condition of your teeth, then cosmetic dentistry may be the solution for you. There are several reasons why teeth become stained, cracked or chipped. The most common reasons are injury, illness, heredity, bad personal hygiene and infection. For example, your teeth may be badly stained from years of smoking. After you quit, you may also like to get rid of the toll it has taken on your teeth. A beautiful smile brings self-esteem and confidence to face any situation in you professional or social life. Some of the most common procedures are: • Teeth whitening with in-office or at-home procedures…show more content…
Cosmetic dentistry can help you get and keep a job. Research has shown that people with clean, straight teeth do better in job interviews that people with stained crooked teeth. Part of the reason is because employers think that if a candidate has good teeth, they give time and attention to oral hygiene, which in turn may mean they will be conscientious employees. When your teeth are straight and white you will smile more and appear more motivated, which is another quality employers want in an employee. 4. Cosmetic dentistry can improve your dental health. If you have missing teeth, dental implants are the standard treatment. The implant is a titanium post that is embedded into the jawbone. This stimulated bone growth and reinforces the jaw stopping it from deteriorating. Once the bone has grown around the post, a crown is attached and you have a natural-looking, strong artificial tooth. This will help you chew your food better for good nutrition, speak more clearly and not worry about getting dentures. Implants can be used to anchor dentures and bridges so they are more secure in your
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