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Is there a more appealing coverage policy than the diminishing deductible? What's better than being rewarded for driving well? You can even boast about it to your friends: "My deductible is zero. Why? Oh, because I'm the best driver, that's why." Or something along those lines, anyway.

For those who don't quite know how the diminishing deductible works, don't worry about it. We've got you covered with an in-depth look at how the process works at Elephant Auto Insurance, and what our program does to set us apart from other insurance companies' programs.

How the Diminishing Deductible works
When you choose to sign up forElephant's Diminishing Deductible program, you'll find yourself well rewarded for good driving behavior. The way it works …show more content…

Other major companies, for instance, also offer a $100 rebate on day one, but they won't hesitate to take it away after one accident - even if you're not at fault. The deductible gets reset and you're forced to start anew. A different insurer doesn't begin to lower their collision deductible until after the first year. On top of that, they'll take your vanishing deductible away for non-accident related incidents, like moving violations. A single speeding ticket could ruin years of accident-free driving.

Before consumers decide what online car insurance to buy - and by extension, which collision deductible program they could partake in - they should study each plan carefully. Our Diminishing Deductible is optional, and we want you to be confident in your choice.

Elephant believes that smart, careful drivers shouldn't be punished for minor mistakes. Once you're in our program, you'll start to see instant savings. That means your deductible savings won't disappear just because you were involved in an accident or had a minor traffic violation.

What's more, we want to ensure that you are equally protected on every vehicle you own. Therefore the Diminishing Deductible applies to every one of your cars that has collision coverage. New cars can be added without problem and instantly qualify for the same dollar amount of savings as the other insured

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