Research Paper On Katy Perry

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Everyone, persues its dreams who wants to get achievement like Katy Perry.How did she get like a this amazing success?Let's learn.Katy Perry was born in 1984,California.Normally Katy Perry isn't her real name.Her real name is Katheryn.She started music at the age of 9 singing in a church untill 17.Her passion grew for music at the age of 15 and he began to write music and record demos.Katy perry's style is rock and pop.She recorded an album and she didn't get a success.When she was 17 she left her parents' house and moved to Los Angeles.She did an album but again Katy perry didn't prove a success.She wrote for Selena Gomez.After that she decided to launch an album called one of the boys and in 2008 he relased an single.Everyone was under the
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