Research Paper on Black Feminists

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Research Paper: Black Feminist Movement Different movements went on through segregation days where blacks and whites were separated. Some movements led to another. Such movements became very popular, and were moving fast towards freedom. However, some movements were not taking as serious as others. Such movements like the Black Feminist Movement, was not looked at as a major aspect to their black nation. Many had fail to realize that even women have strong voices to be heard in social, political, and economical parts of the nation. Black women such as Maria Stewart, and Sojourner Truth came to set a stand towards this movement with the first of anti-slavery. They were among the few who supported ad spoken publicly upon that …show more content…

These groups were very different, even though they sought out for the same purpose, the purpose of equality. This was very perpetuating due to the fact that many people seek for the same things, yet in very different ways. Then feminist movement even though was very similar to the Black feminist movement, they tended to have a lack of collaboration between the two. The women feminist movement did reflect greatly on the black feminist movement, but they weren’t accepting

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