Researching Possible Financial Strategies Current College Students Essay

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It has almost been three years since I have been employed at my first and current job. I am currently employed at a financial group in the Springfield/ greater Hartford area. More specifically, my branch focuses on managing participants retirement portfolio as well as developing the technology to manage and optimize such extensive portfolios. As a result of being employed here, I have interacted with senior partners and experienced employees whom briefly taught the importance and benefits of saving early. With this brief knowledge, I set out to further develop my knowledge and hopefully help those my age to build a future for them so that they retire comfortably. Through this, I will be researching possible financial strategies current college students may use to save for retirement. Many people can relate to the aspect of student debt being a lingering overcast while others have some knowledge and experience with it. Despite this, it is obvious that student debt puts a damper in one financial future and needs to be dealt with in an effective manner. This must be done in order to prevent credit score impacts, accumulating interest and being denied from other credit loans. Coinciding with this notion of debt and the importance of credit, in the article Student Debt Effects on Financial Well Being, Elliot, William, and Melinda Lewis highlight that those students with student debt on average experience a credit drop of 25 points compared to a similar individual with no student

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