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Wailea-Makena, Hawaii, EAST Maui County is a good location to build an environmentally friendly residential community because it is filled with good resources, does not pose very dangerous safety concerns, and it is unique.
Wailea-Makena, Hawaii, East Maui County is a good place to start an environmentally friendly residential community for many reasons. There is many resources in Maui. Around the area there is green foliage. There are lots of palm trees and some bushes. There is a waterfall with water rushing down it. There is a sandy beach and an ocean as well. The old volcano also will have fertile land because the ash from the volcano will break down in the soil. It is very windy and sunny The rivers have fish in …show more content…

There is solar energy which is energy that comes from the sun. You can collect solar energy be using solar panels. Then, the energy can be used to power things. There is wind energy. The wind energy can be collected by windmills. These windmills can convert wind into energy. There is also hydroelectric energy. Hydroelectric energy is water flowing that can be turned into energy. Usually, people use dams to store water inside of a reservoir. All of these types of energy can make electricity using natural resources.

The East Maui Volcano is made of basalt, which is igneous rock. This volcano was formed from magma erupting from a volcano. Eventually, this volcano will erode because of weathering and turn to sediment. Sediment is small particles of matter that gets transferred to another place. Solar energy is the energy from the sun that causes the weather. The weather makes weathering happen which causes rocks to break down. Next, it will compact and cement to form sedimentary rock. Compacting and cementing is when the rocks get pushed together to form a rock. Gravity moves the sediment like in rockslides, mudslides, or waterfalls. Chemical energy helps compact and cement the sediment to form rocks. Then, the rocks will get pulled deep into the Earth. It will turn into metamorphic rock due to heat and pressure. Metamorphic rock is rocks that were once sediment, but now changed. The rocks will melt partially because of the heat.

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