Essay about Resource Mangement for Clean Water in Households

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Despite it’s abundance, water is a precious resource. Without it, life on earth would cease to exist in less than two weeks. It’s no surprise then that the Department of the Interior has seven agencies tasked in some capacity with the regulation, distribution, filtration, and preservation of clean water. 1 But in reality, while these federal agencies do serve a purpose, they are not demonstrably involved with the process of bringing clean water to households. That is the job of the states and localities. Florida, due to it’s size, shape, topography, and population centers, serves as an an excellent case study of the challenges involved in water resource management.
In Florida, the legal responsibility of managing and protecting water resources belongs to the Department of Environmental Protection. However, Florida is unique in that it has five separate water management districts that the DEP must cooperate with. 2 The relationship between the Florida government and the WMD’s is an example of second-order devolution, where power is delegated from the state to a locality. They are regional government agencies that manage the quality and quantity of water available to Florida citizens. The South Florida Water Management District in particular has an enormous responsibility, as it encompasses virtually all of Florida from Orlando to the Florida Keys, which amounts to about half of Florida’s population.
In July of 2013, Governor Scott’s administration directed the…