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I am a nineteen year old listening to my iPod on the way to school, I am the first of my friends to have it which is cool. A man comes up to me in a panic saying his dog is dying, I go in a hurry to to help this stranger, little do I know that he is lying. I am blindfolded, drugged, and wake up in a tiny room with no way out, I have a son Jack, who is all I worry about. He is only 5 and has so much to live for, I wish that I could provide him with so much more. Jack and I eat, exercise, bathe, learn, nap, watch TV, and play, The door beeps when Old Nick, my kidnapper, comes, and wardrobe is where Jack must stay. All we have is a small kitchen, bathtub, wardrobe, bed, and TV set, I lie about the outside world which makes me upset. Every week …show more content…

The first stanza is the backstory of how Ma is kidnapped and locked in a room. The second stanza relates to how Ma is living her life with her son, Jack, in the small space that they are stuck in. It is conveyed with the use of onomatopoeia that the door beeps every night when Old Nick comes. It helps show that Ma and Jack are alone all day and the second they hear that beep, they are filled with fear. Jack needs to hide in wardrobe, and Ma needs to try and not anger Old Nick. Additionally, this stanza shows that all there is in the room is a bed, small kitchen, lamp, bathtub, wardrobe, TV, and skylight. This highlights how in todays society it is hard to cope without games, transportation, and freedom, as well as technology used for texting, calling and working. They are used daily in order to get around or simply for entertainment. However, Ma and Jack must get by with the limited items they have. Every week they request items to receive from Old Nick on Sunday, which they call Sunday treat, and typically ask for survival necessities, such as food, rather than entertainment. Jack is unaware that the world is filled with millions of products. Ma keeps it that way so he is not upset about what she cannot provide for him. Jack explains that “cats and rocks are only TV…bunnies are TV but carrots are real” (Donoghue 18). He further expresses his thoughts about reality versus TV by discussing that “vegetables are all real but ice cream is just TV” (20). He establishes what is real by what he sees. Since he eats vegetables in the room he knows it is not made up. To him, bunnies, dogs, and ice cream are not real because TV is the only place he notices them. This leads to the third and fourth stanzas, the climax. Ma discusses her escape plan ideas with Jack once Old Nick loses his job. She suspects they are abandoned due to Old Nick’s inability to afford his house or shed. When Old Nick comes

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