Response to Stroke of Insight

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Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor had an amazing experience that most people do not get to tell after the fact. Especially because she is a neuroanatomist who knew what was happening and what parts of the brain were being affected. This book is informational on many different levels and to many different types of people. This book can warn people about the signs of when someone is having a stroke. This information could save many lives if someone were to read this book and realize they were having a stroke soon enough to call for help. It can be helpful for the treatment of stroke victims, average people looking to gain insight on life and how to better themselves, and to many professionals who know all of the science behind a stroke, but do not know …show more content…

I also think that my knowledge of neurophysiology explains why she was feeling certain ways while she was having the stroke. For instance, I know that damage to the Broca's area inhibits the ability to produce speech whereas damage to Wernicke's area inhibits the ability to understand speech. When the author was telling us about her phone call with Dr. Stephen Vincent, I realized that both of language centers in the left side of her brain were damaged because she could not understand what he was saying, but she could barely produce speech herself. Another example of when my knowledge in neurophysiology helped me understand why certain things were happening was when Jill was searching for her doctors card. I know that her ability to read and understand language was damaged, but she was still able to remember and recognize the symbol that was at the top. That was because the right side of her brain was still healthy, and the right hemisphere is responsible to recognizing pictures.
When Jill was finally able to get help, she then had to start on the long recovery process. A few major discomforts that she experienced while getting stronger and ready for surgery were high sensitivity to light and sound. This is because her hemorrhage affected her auditory and occipital lobes as well. During this period, she talks about how she couldn't recognize

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