Responsibilities And Rights Of A Provider

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Topic: Discuss the duties, responsibilities and rights of a provider and the providers’ patient under the EMTALA and HIPAA statutes under the following fact scenario: Patient presents to an emergency department conscious, but with extreme chest pain, and requests assistance. Emergency room personnel can converse with the patient but the patient is in distress. Emergency room physicians have access to the patient’s records through a Regional Health Information Exchange.
Duties, Responsibilities and Rights of the Provider
EMTALA applies to the hospitals or providers that get reimbursed by Medicare. Almost every hospital or provider accepts Medicare in the United States. Under the EMTALA statues, the provider has a duty to render an appropriate medical screening examination to the patient in distress and necessary treatment or reasonable care to stabilize the patient’s emergency medical condition. If the patient’s chest pain is not determined as an emergency medical condition based on an appropriate examination, no further obligation is imposed on the provider by EMTALA. The same examination or procedure should be applied to all patients with similar circumstances. If the patient declines an appropriate medical screening examination or treatment, the provider is required to document the refused examination or treatment and make reasonable efforts to obtain a written informed refusal.
The provider should have written emergency medical procedures and policies in…
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