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Chapter Four: Restless Waiting
Today was not Your lucky day first The plane goes down You lose your bag you can’t contact your mom and then you find out that different dimension exist which then shatters your sense of reality oh also you can’t move oh joy! You’ve been stuck in what you guess is graves apartment for a few hours? Your sense of time isn’t the best it could’ve been a few days for all you know you wished that they’d talk about how long you’ve been here it’s boring as heck laying here and waiting for people to come in the room and talk, oh wait is that foot steps finally oh and their talking yess good bye boredom
“Graves why can’t you say what you mean!”
Ah, that sounds like Reese
“That girl that Hayes saved reeks with powerful …show more content…

which if done correctly can be delicious, but not magical! None of this is happening you’ve just having some weird fever dream! Yeah, that’s it somehow you got a fever and you’re stuck in bed your mom probably had to refund the tickets, call your aunt yada yada yada all that good stuff. Ha ha ha what a joke your mind has played on you! you might have loved hustle cat as a dating sim but that dosen’t mean you’d want to be a part of it. Hahaha yes all some weird fever dream all a dream, yes....
the meowing brought you out of your melt down the feeling of fur against your skin calms you down enough to realize that someone was holding you still. where you thrashing around? the voices reach your ears making you realize they never left
“What the hell was that! Was she having a seizure?” Ignoring Reese’s shout graves speaks to his …show more content…

“Oh you wound me so great countess” at graves dramatic cry she casually strolled towards him with an air of elegance around her before jumping into his lap his hands lightly run over her treating her with care you could feel your heart breaking just looking at the two any other time you would’ve thought the scene sweet touching even but now the tenderness in his eyes reminded you of what you lost and would most likely never ever have again the last nail in the coffin was hammered in when he bent over lightly kissing Dracula’s head a choked sop unwillingly left your lips you quickly turned away from his questioning gaze leaving the apartment tears started to blur your vision as you blindly walked forward desperately you tried to keep it together you hated when you cried in front of others it made you feel to vulnerable as if in that moment if people saw you they could see your heart stumbling down the steps you expect to fall to the ground only to be caught by strong

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