Restraints on Women in the Nineteen-Thirties

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Women were constantly restrained during the early nineteen-thirties, keeping them from expressing their individuality. They were constantly facing societal expectations. Women also faced others challenges as well, such as the different expectations from people in their social classes. These multiple expectations created a barrier for many women that few dared to break. These expectations led to a constant schedule for these women, making it so their whole life was already planned ahead for them while they had to act as their social calendars suggested.
Through out history women have been considered the weaker sex. Even in a multitude of religions, women are not treated equally. Think of the women in Saudi Arabia, they cannot even drive a car by themselves and are certainly not considered equal to men. The largest religion in the world, Christianity, even discriminates against women, “...suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence” (Timothy 2:12). Though some women have attempted to break the barrier between discrimination and equality. Women such as Jane Addams, Clara Barton, and Susan B. Anthony have provided many girls and women with ideas and standards they should live their lives by.
Discrimination against women has been around for hundreds of years, some claiming it went back to the Paleolithic Age. Many believe when people started claiming land and personal belongings, women were claimed as well. Today we level

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