Retirement Must be Planned Beyond Social Security

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Many reports have shown that social security funds will run out in the year 2036. Social Security may not even be obtainable to Americans in the near future for many reasons. For example, budget constraints, a bad economy, declining assets, stocks, 401Ks, IRA's, and inflation are big reasons why. For the past few decades, many Americans thought that they could rely on Social Security for their retirement plans. When the Great Depression happened, President Roosevelt saw a lot of Individuals not working and witnessed many of the nation's elderly with no money to retire. The Social Security program was to make sure this level of poverty cannot happen again for any worker who had paid into the program. Payroll taxes are what fund this program. After a certain percent of a worker's paycheck is taken out, it will go directly into the fund that that provides benefits to current recipients. When law makers first implemented the Social Security program in 1935, they set it up to have the working person pay into a fund to help the aging Americans that are too old to work. For many years, this philosophy has worked well.
Social Security was a respectable idea but somewhere along the way it was not thought out to last. Social security is any government system that provides monetary assistance to people with a little to no income. The current system has unequal burdens for current and future youth, if not…
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