Review Of ' Genesis ' A Novel Written By Bernard Beckett

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Influences mold ideas and ideas craft one 's mind. Ideas cannot remain constant in reason since influences are frequently reproducing and changing them. Ideas are the building blocks of the mind. They are those good and bad minuscule orientations of the mind that affects one 's actions and behaviors. Influences are those primary signals that trigger the production of ideas in the mind. Without influences, there would be no mind. No mind means one cannot make decisions hence any evolvement in character. Genesis, a novel written by Bernard Beckett follows a young girl, Anaximander 's examination for the Academy which reveals her society 's history beginning with Adam Forde and Art. Art is an incomplete programmed android who is put in a …show more content…

His shining hands closed around Adam 's neck. Adam nodded... Art squeezed the life from his human companion." Art is going against his set program to pursue what he feels is right. He learns this from Adam after he explained his reason of being incarcerated. Adam was captivated because he tried to rescue a foreign girl instead of killing her like he was supposed to. He did not abide the society 's norm and decided to follow his heart over his mind, even after knowing the consequences. Art was definitely influenced by Adam since he did the same thing, but in a different application. Beckett exemplifies how even a machine has a brain of its own. Even though Art states the Idea resides as independent in one’s mind (pages 95 – 96), he would have never thought of going against his program without the interference of an outside influence. He even stated, “I’m not programming you. Yes, you are. Through my interactions with others, I learn who I am…” (Beckett 74) Art is programmed to learn from others therefore make decisions of his own. He is not a machine stored with intelligence. He will constantly pick up ideas and advance his thinking. Art learned to view a different spectrum of a situation through communicating and spending time with Adam Forde.

Adam not only impacted Art, but also others such as Anaximander, in short, Anax. Anax was always enlightened by the history of Adam Forde to the point where she considers him, her role model. She is

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