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Much like how Greco-Roman heroes reflected the cultural values of the societies that produced and sustained them, comic book heroes have also continued to reflect the values of contemporary society. In particular, Marvel’s The Punisher is a vital source of insight in our society’s moral perception of criminals. This is because his acceptance to mainstream pop culture is a reflection of the social values and moral codes that have been discreetly popularized by members of our society. This popularity, which is grounded in our resonation with The Punisher and his belief system, is a product of our unfiltered individual moral desires, as well as the institutional ills that many believe characterizes our justice systems. To understand these …show more content…

The perpetrators, seeking to eliminate witnesses, murdered most of the bystanders, including Castle’s family and almost Castle himself. Although upon recovery Castle was able to identify the perpetrators to the police, corruption in the department prevented any action from being taken. For that reason, and wanting justice for his family, Castle became the vigilante known as The Punisher. He has since waged a one-man war against crime and corruption by mercilessly hunting and killing those he consider criminals. This backstory alone provides insight into the Punisher’s moral foundations and motivations. However, further interpretation is necessary to understand the depth of his moral structure and motivation and there resonation with members of our society. In regards to his motivation, it has been made explicitly clear that revenge is the principle source of his crusade against crime. Not only does the author of his comic offer this evidence to us, but a basic psychological inquiry would make this clear as well. Nonetheless, as a result of his moral structure, Punisher is an immensely complex character that strays from the simplistic vengeful paradigm. This structure, which is maintained by his vision of making the world a better place, can be characterized as a consequentialist belief that eradicating criminals in the world is a necessary evil. This moral structure is crucial because within The Punisher’s individual rationality, the ethical framework

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