Review and Critique of: "Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective" A book by Caroline Bretell Carolyn Sargent

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Review and Critique of:

"Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective"
A book by Caroline Bretell Carolyn Sargent



In this book the focus is on how gender is constructed around the world. The book demonstrated many different areas in which women either ruled or ruled together with man. It leaves people with hope that the world is capable of an equalitarianism society. Many topics in the field of anthropology of gender are covered. The authors feature not only information from classic sources but also include recent literature from around the world. This book gives readers an awareness and understanding of the sociology of …show more content…

The women are actually so scared to be alone with a man that this tradition is not questioned. This tradition is considered the most important event in a girls life, if there is blood on the cloth it will no longer matter what anyone may say about the girl. It is also important because the girls virginity is inseparable from her family's honor. This tradition also speaks to the honor of the man's family. If the man acts quickly and unafraid he will be praised. The author states" Given this group investment in the bride's virginity, the central rite of the wedding becomes a drama of suspense and relief that must powerfully shape people's experiences of sexuality as something that belongs to the many, and especially to one's family". This article clearly shows how culture can shape sexuality which in turns shapes gender identity. It is evident that the man's virginity was not of any concern, demonstrating a double standard. Men are given more liberties in this community. However with such stake riding on their own virginity women are in a since forced to comply.

It is clear by the above articles alone that the authors of the book have explored and included a wide range of information exploring gender studies from many perspectives including an anthropological one.

Cross-Culturally Comparing Gender Issues

Brittell and Sargent set out to explore

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