Review of Joseph Conrad's 'II Conde'

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Il Conde Joseph Conrad's short story "Il Conde" is a psychological account meant to provide readers with a vivid account concerning the shocking change that a particularly distinguished man undergoes as a consequence of falling victim to a robbery. It is difficult however, to determine whether Conrad wanted to present people with the feeling that a robbery alters a person's personality because he or she dreads the scandals accompanying the situation or if it destroys a man's personality as a result of the fact that he comes to acknowledge the fragility of life. The narrator in "Il Conde" is an anonymous European aristocrat who comes to befriend a count and who provides readers with a complex account regarding the difference between when he first meets the count and when the count recounts the episode of his robbery. Readers are likely to sympathize with and even admire the count when the narrator first speaks about him, as this is a person who has good taste, is well mannered, and is very sensible concerning people whom he interacts with. It initially seems that it would be impossible for someone to ever think of the count as being a hostile individual. However, the story shows that material values are much more important in a society that promotes them in comparison to values like honor and etiquette. The narrator himself is responsible for providing readers with the count's experiences in Naples. It seems that even though the count only wanted to assume the role of

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