Review of U-TURN Electronic Cigarrette by Vapage Essay

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A few years ago, my former boss, Aaron and I set out on a trial-and-error mission to find a perfect electronic cigarette battery that meets and exceeds all our criteria. We had hoped to find an electronic cigarette that wasn’t going to break easily, is easy to use, and not too pricy. Over the course of those few years, Aaron had finally reached the glorious conclusion on our long, seemingly endless search to find the best electronic cigarette battery on the market. A couple thousand dollars later, we’ve stumbled upon a battery that surpassed our expectations in quality, durability, reliability, accessibility, and affordability, called the U-TURN by Vapage™. When we first received our Vapage™ U-TURN 1300 mAh in the mail, we could tell, …show more content…

I have even accidentally sat on it a few times, only to have it handle the abuse like a real trooper, making it absolutely worth every penny. Vapage™ also makes all of their products in America, this way they can ensure their products are of highest quality and keep money flowing in the American economy, which is another reason why I believe in this brand so strongly. I can always depend on Vapage™ to deliver top-notch durability when it comes to their U-TURN battery, and even most of their other products. I can also safely add that I’ve never replaced a U-TURN battery of mine due to battery malfunction or any components breaking, because I’ll lose the battery or have it stolen long before it’ll break. If you’re choosing your e-cig based on durability alone, then the U-TURN is your best option, hands down. Yes, the U-TURN has proven to be quite wonderful until this point, but is it worthy of your purchase? Well what if I told you the chances of your U-TURN dying on you in the middle of the day is slim to none? All this beast requires is about 2-3 hours charge time and (if you’re a heavy smoker) you’re good for the whole day on a single charge! In my circumstance, I don’t have to charge my battery for weeks even though I use my U-TURN every day. Reliability

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