Rewriting the Concept of Hell in Dante's Inferno Essay

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Rewriting the Concept of Hell in Dante's Inferno

The idea of making up a "Hell", or inferno, is not an experience in which I, even in my wildest thoughts, had started to imagine. Call me an optimist, but the idea of imagining Hell never appealed to me. However, as I read through the Bible, I have come across many images of hell and will now attempt to create a partial picture.

As I sit imagining my inferno, I see that it would be significantly different from Dante’s inferno. I do agree that an Inferno should have stages, or circles, but fewer than that of Dante. And I do agree that the stages should be categorized by severity of actions, or sins, but I feel it more important to look at the heart of the sins instead of trying to
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Many in this category are walking among us today. We might call them the “unsaved,” or giving them the benefit of the doubt, might consider them “searching.” However, if they die without embracing the true way, if their hearts have never turned to God, they are lost. And for that reason, they have been condemned to an eternal life that is deserving and seen as fit by the Lord on high. These people might be our next-door neighbors.

Third, and definitely the most devastating, is that of public transgressions against God. The criminal element, those that feed on the innocent of the earth, those that violate the precepts of the Lord are condemned to this torturous ring. Also included are those who not only don't believe, but also find a way to take other brothers away from the truth. For instance, those who publicly spoke against Jesus’ teachings would be residents of this painful place. For in the inner ring we find the scum of the earth in which the evil agents of the world reside. The example of Judas comes to mind.

As far as what it would be like in the inferno I do have to say that Dante did an exceptional job of creating a world filled with pain and torture. Even so, in comparison I would create a much harsher place. Dante’s place might look like the land a land of milk and honey compared to the miserable existence bestowed upon every inhabitant of my inferno. I understand for literary purposes that there were people in every
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