Rhea County: A Short Story

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On the near side of the cove, you begin to climb again, up a twisting, turning road, which leads to the top of the long ridge that splits Tennessee and echoes the edge of the Cumberland Plateau, from which I had left,.. Crossville being atop that geographical feature. The ridge is called Walden's Ridge, and I grew up on top of it, on the southern end of Rhea County, which is the county where I now reside.

This little community, though, is called Grandview. It's usually not overly impressive, as far as the view goes, in My opinion.... not compared to where I grew up. But today....

Today's view is the point of this post.

As I drew near to the drop, the point where the road begins it's journey back down to the muggy, hot and annoyingly long valley below, I saw dark clouds gathering, and moving Northward, above. Lightning played occasionally, with the greenery. The wind began to rise. …show more content…

But I could see the turmoil below and ahead. I pulled off to the side, in the parking lot of an old abandoned roadside fruit stand, got out, lit a smoke and leaned on the car, for a bit, just watching. I do love bad

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