Rhetorical Analysis Of Apollo 11

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Introduction In Rhetoric In 1969, the Apollo 11 launch happened and became something rightfully important to the United States. It was the talk of every news stations and newspapers. These two men, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had risked their lives to do something the whole world had not done before. They became the first men to walk the moon and this became something historical. After walking the moon they placed the American flag on it too and to this day it is still their. With all the newspapers talking about this, one that caught people’s eyes was the Man Takes First Steps on The Moon. The audience were the people who were concerned about the the first man landing into outer space. This was something abnormal at the time and nobody really had a clue how a human body can manage this. Also this event was used to see the improveJessica Sidon ment of human success and what they have been capable of doing. Regarding space, it wasn’t something that was really used, it was more like an illusion and seemed so close but far away at the same time. This text used ethos,and logos to support information about the moon’s success landing and provide it for the audience. For logos, the fact that a well-known newspaper publisher such as the Times wrote about it shows that it is a reliable source. Also that fact that the story was well-written and full of facts to make the audience believe it more. With pathos, the kind of emotion it was giving the audience was more of

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