Rhetorical Analysis of Kristof

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Rhetorical Analysis of Kristof Nicholas Kristof wrote a compelling article titled “Our Gas Guzzlers, Their Lives”. In the article he is arguing that wealthier country’s greenhouse gas emissions are severely damaging life in many African countries. In fact Charles Ehrhart, a Care staff member in Kenya, states, “The negative impact of the West’s carbon emissions will overwhelm the positive effects of aid” (Kristof 580). So although we are trying to aid, it is our lifestyles that are damaging these peoples’ environment. Nicholas does a spectacular job presenting his case and giving evidence for his claims. Kristof produces an effective argument because of his stellar development of ethos, logos and pathos. …show more content…

Using the local fisherman and a Care staff member from Kenya also helps make the argument more effective. By using people who are right there day in and day out it makes the story persuasive. They are living the climate change and can tell. Fisherman Alexand Mbarubukeye states, “’Even the hippos are unhappy’”(Kristof 579). Aside from making his logos stronger the locals also help add to Kristof’s pathos, because the audience can sympathize

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