Rick By Ronald Benioff Summary

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In the short story “Rick,” by Brad Benioff, is an autobiographic about a boy learning the value of influence his coach has with him. Brad learned a life experience that he still remembers and will remember for the rest of his life. The story of “Rick,” can be analysis with character development, dialog, plot, and point of view.
The short story starts with Brad learning “the greatest of coaches,” (Rick 2) of the water-polo team at his high school, named Rick, and peer pressure had gotten him curious to meet this ‘Rick.’ Rick was a teacher who taught math and everyone, especially the upper-class students, talked about him. So, when Brad was invited to join the water-polo team, Brad could not say no. However, when Brad first meets Rick, Brad was thinking Rick will look friendly, instead he gets “not a friendly looking man” (Rick 6). He then describes Rick has a muscular man, and had an unwelcoming personally. Brad feels small and unnerved with Rick having a frown on his face, arms crossed, not specking a word, until Rick mentions Brad should build up.
When it comes to the dialog in the story, it could become intense. The author uses the dialog to show most of the characters emotions. Most of the dialog has exclamation points, as Rick yells, demands, and criticizes Brad’s performance. The coach also asks questions to Brad regarding to his
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The beginning Brad is meeting the water-polo coach, Rick, who seems to dislike Brad. As Brad starts his training, the coach overpowers and pressures Brad, to the point Brad dislikes and does not see the value of the sport. During the first game, Brad uses the anger and frustration with Rick during the game. When the game ends, Brad gets out of the pool, spits in the coach’s face that he is quitting the team. The coach then congratulates him, Brad being completely confused, the coach says to call him by his first name:
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